The Spiders From Arts

The spiders from arts is a play on words, because we all know that there are no spiders on Mars, or are there ???

We think that spiders are the universe’s best weavers and we are in awe of their ability to make the strongest thread ever created, so we dreamt that one day we would be able to replicate that ability and create amazing clothing for us and our friends. While we impatiently wait for that day, we are using cotton and other natural fibers to make a fun line of clothing to satisfy our need for shelter and to protect us from the elements, or just to look good and interesting.

We are based in Los Angeles along with enough crazies to make our job very easy. Most of our collection is made in the USA, some of it is sourced from other parts of this Earth, and as a disclaimer, as of today, nothing is made on Mars.


Corporate Headquarter
2601 Sequoia Drive
South Gate, CA 90280
323-400-4162 ext 109
West Coast Showroom
Haute Queen Brands
Gerry’s Building
910 S. Los Angeles Street, 7th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90015
East Coast Showroom
501 10th Avenue 
7th Floor
New York, NY 10018